Shoulder joint pain relief strategies

Shoulder joint pain relief come in lots of forms. If you have had that rotator cuff injured then you need not worry about anything. First before going for the treatment, you need to understand the nature of your injury. You should know that most shoulder pain is usually at the front or the outside of the shoulder making it hard for you to raise your arm or even lift something above your head. This restricts your movement and working ability.

Treatment and simple exercises for the shoulder will help relieve the pain. However if you are feeling the pain here is what you can do.

Shoulder joint pain relief tips:

  • Treatment 

Treatment will work for you any day. It will help keep the shoulder functioning normally again. Also with the appropriate treatment you are likely to restore shoulder back to the way it was or even look better.

You can go for a few strategies such as active rest; it is advisable to move your shoulders but you should be careful not to injure it with strenuous activities.  You can apply ice on the affected area, or take some non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicine such as naproxen and ibuprofen. You can also occasionally go for an injection of anti-inflammatory steroids directly to the affected area. For immediate shoulder pain relief you can also try this.

  • Shoulder joint pain relief exercises

You can do some special exercises, to help ease the pain a little bit. First, start with some simple range-of-motion exercises such as bending over and moving your shoulder in large circles. This would help you in avoiding serious complications with your rotator. This complication is also known as a frozen shoulder and it would hurt a lot if you happen to get one, therefore prevent that from happening. If you do not start with these small exercises then you are likely to feel some stiffness in your rotator.

Another way of carefully exercising your rotator is by use of rubber tubing or light dumbbells at first then weight machines and free weights that offer resistance exercises which will aid in preventing the tendons from stiffening.

  • Healing a hurt shoulder joint

Maintaining some of the aerobic exercise programs will help you heal by ensuring there is enough blood flow into the tendon. It will help reduce soreness and heal faster since there is enough oxygen being supplied to the injured area.

If in case your injury has gone for long then your tendons are more likely to tear. In this case you will need surgery. If you don’t know how to spot a torn tendon then you should pay more attention when trying to do the small exercises. The pain will always be there despite the efforts you have put in ensuring that you follow all the strategies of a good rehabilitation method. When you try all the shoulder joint pain relief methods you may still feel the pain kicking in with slight movement. Also you will feel weakness when performing certain motions with the arm.

shoulder joint pain relief

Shoulder joint pain relief treatments and exercises will work for you, but please do consult your physician before you try anything.

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